Mark Mitchell

Designer & developer

I design websites and digital products. I build for the web.


  • Brand identity design

    I form identities with typography and color. I create wordmarks. I design branding guidelines and apply them in print.

  • Web and app design

    I design modern, user-centered interfaces with meaningful interactions, strong usabilty and an engaging user experience.

  • Front-end development

    I write semantic, modular, accessible HTML/CSS/JS. I build websites and prototypes, templates and pattern libraries.

Case studies


Worldpay Online Payments

Post-launch design iteration of the online payment service to enhance usability

  1. UX design
  2. UI design


Post-launch design iteration of the website to better promote the company’s software

  1. graphic design
  2. UX design
  3. UI design
  4. front-end

More projects