Featured projects

  1. Snyk

    Branding and interface for a tool that offers security to developers

  2. British National Formulary

    Digital product strategy and branding for the UK's pharmaceutical reference

  3. twoVeg

    Product design for a website showcasing London's vegetarian & vegan places

More projects

  1. Which? Birth Choice

    An interactive tool that helps women decide where to give birth

  2. Sidekick Studios

    To showcase a diverse range of projects and strategy offering

  3. Narrative

    A shared journal for supporting a student in alternative education

  4. Design Jam

    Day sessions devoted to tackling user experience challenges

  5. Jointly

    A mobile application to support those who care for a loved one

  6. Buddy

    To support therapy services for people with depression & anxiety

  7. Bank of England

    Developing a user centered intranet for the UK's central bank

  8. Nokia Socializer

    A product for collecting and analyzing aggregation of social data

  9. Grant Thornton

    Utilizing a bespoke framework to launch a knowledge network

  10. Logica

    A multi-language blogging platform in management consultancy

  11. Headshift

    A complete redesign and flagship for new technology